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Spotlight on packaging trends, varieties; key attraction
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The third and final day of Fi & Hi India 2015, the B2B platform for food & health ingredients, was marked by a conference on ‘Food Packaging - Innovations Unlimited.’

In tune with the theme, Nihar Singh of ACG Value Links gave a presentation on ‘Innovations in Food Packaging.’He spoke about Indian packaging buying trends such as impact of changing lifestyle and increasing capita income and how FDI in retail was bound to introduce more innovations.

He mentioned about market needs such as consumer convenience, ease of consuming, portability, product safety, cost reduction, marketability/aesthetics and solutions ranging from rigid to flexible packaging. He discussed four case studies.

The second topic for the day was ‘New Trends in Food Packaging’ by Carles Rodriguez of Bossar Packaging Pvt. Ltd. He spoke about flexible packaging vs rigid packaging. He stated that flexible packaging helped in reducing the cost, logistics, pack process, functionality, and environment impact.

He discussed evolution of films. Films of multiple lamination improve the quality of product and 70 per cent less material is used. Rodriguez spoke about various pouches. He said, “Trend is to keep straw outside the pouch rather than keeping it inside.” He discussed zones of the machine and technology and design of the machines.

Vinayak Mohan, assistant manager, ACE Technologies, gave a presentation on ‘Emerging Trends in Packaging.’ He gave an overview on packaging industry. He mentioned about trends in packaging such as smaller packages, health-conscious packaging for convenience, family size, labelling requirements, and see-thru packaging. He discussed eco-friendly packaging and mentioned points such as market evolution in food packaging, protection.

The third day also saw the holding of this year’s attraction -‘Bake it healthy - The healthy cookie’ competition.

S Nandakumar, managing director, Bombay Test House, said, “I am visiting Fi India for the last 10 years and it has been helpful for our business so far.”

Ayush Agarwal, director, Calpro Foods Pvt. Ltd, said, “In the last 10 years we have exhibited for five to six times. The response at the event has been good so far.”

Mike Bernatz, country manager, India and Sri Lanka, Mintel, said, “Our company has been participating at the event for the last five years and the response for us has been good.”
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