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Aseptic carton filling machineDP6000-1000

Aseptic carton fillinmachineDP6000-1000

Main Technical Parameters
◎ Type: DP6000-1000B(100mL base)
        DP6000-1000S(1000mL slim)
        DP6000-1000SQ(1000mL SQ)
◎ Application:Filling with milk,plant protein drinks and various still beverages
◎ Package form:Brick-shaped carton packages made of Paper/AL/PE
laminated materials
◎ Capacity: 1000mL
◎ Packaging speed: 6000cartons/hour
◎ Power: 45kW
◎ Actual power consumption: 22kW
◎ Power source: 50Hz 380/220V
◎ Size: L×W×H 5200×2000×5000mm
◎ Weight: 7000 kg

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