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In-line cup machine

In-line cup machine


It applies to yogurt, milk, jam, spices and a variety of high-viscosity paste food packaging materials contain a large fruit. With automatic cup falling, filling, sealing high automation, man-machine interfaces, programmable logic control, temperature control, optoelectronics, pneumatic control systems. Various body are the United States, Germany, Japan and other world-class brands, is the ideal first modern production equipment. According to customer requirements to design and manufacture, adapt cups, plastic cups and other various materials.
Product Features

Model: DP-II type
Production capacity: 5000,9000,12000 cups/h
Filling capacity:100~500ml
Flesh diameter: up to 20mm, large fruit yogurt filling machine in the true sense.
Alternative Accessories: Dynamic fruit add device, buckle cover device, date Coding device
Control: PLC HMI
Working pressure:≥0.6MPa
Motor power:6.5KW
Heating power:4.8KW
Total weight:2500KG

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