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Automatic Palletizing Machine

Automatic Palletizing Machine

 Product ID:  DEPL-15
Product Type:  DP40/DP50/DP60/DP70/DP80
Product Series:  Palletizing Machines/Robots
Product Description

Technical Features:

Fully Automatic, runs unattended
State-of-the-art safety features (designed in, not added on)
Control system stores multiple pack patterns and makes changeovers in seconds possible
Touch screen pack pattern programming saves time and makes the operation of the equipment more efficient
Multiple configurations available to accommodate a wide variety of plant layouts
Multiple Accumulation Layer improves throughput
Heavy Duty Construction
for long service life
High Level Infeed allows palletizer to be remotely located from the packaging operation
Modular Design accommodates a wide variety of plant layouts
Operators Manual to access safety, changeover, maintenance, daily operation, and troubleshooting instruction

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