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All-steel computer full-automatic top spray sterilizer retort

All-steel computer full-automatic top spray sterilizer retort
 can be used for all kind of heat-resistant packing material:
  1,used direct heating and indirect cooling, cooling water and process water don’t contact, secondary pollution of food is avoided, and water process chemicals is unnecessary pollution of food id avoided, and water process chemicals is unnecessary. Sterilization is made under high temperature for short time.
  2, reduce steam consumption, steam and atomizing sterilizing water make thermal mixing in sterilizer directly, which increase speed of temperature rise and drop.
  3,.few quantity of process water makes quick cycle, and reaches presetting sterilizing temperature quickly.
   4,water jets from different angles, steam, air and water mix, make convection and form perfect temperature distribution.
   5,have low noise, and create quiet and comfortable operational environment.
   6,the kettle equips four movable temperature sensing probes, which can monitor F value of food center and thermal distribution situation in sterilizer, and know thermal penetration (the time for temperature to reach food geometrical center from food surface) at any time.
   7,have perfect pressure control, pressure of the whole production process makes continuous adjustment so as to suit change of pressure in product packing, and to make deformation of product packing to the minimum, especially suit product with gas packing.
8,process water preheating system(option) can ensure product with heat preservation and thermal filling has sustainable temperature rise process.
9,sterilizing water use softening water(option), which avoids outside packing pollution and dirty caused by process water quality problem.
10,steam sterilizing function (option)
11,save installation space, convenient operation, save manpower (just a cabinet direct operation) .
12,suitable for drinks, food industry when large-scale production discharged loading and unloading. No more convenient future the industry automatic workshop equipment.
13,open the door, side doors open (option )

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