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Belt type internal pressure tester Deepora4000

Belt type internal pressure tester Deepora4000

Multifunctional detection platform

The use of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

Design of DP4000 combination to four main detection option, plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans and cans of leakage, lid and level detection, line speed a minute of 2000 tanks. .

The main detection sensor comprises a metal cover with lid deflection leak check for sonar technology; surface and laser technology for leak testing of the lid of the deviation of the measurement; measuring force and compression technology for leak testing of the plastic bottle; and X-ray technology for all container material of liquid level inspection. In addition to the inspection of the main,

Controller DP4000 combination up to seven input options to do become warped the cover, the lack of cover, the lack of crown canopy cover, cover of iron deficiency, lack of standard, lack of anti-theft ring check.

DP4000-F - pressure inspection system is designed to check to 45psi 3.1bar injection of liquid nitrogen and carbonated beverage products of low pressure and leakage. Parallel to the belt conveyor products through the sensor to measure the container bottle wall tension. This action the system energy measurement to the container pressure and automatically remove those below or above the acceptable ranges of pressure outside the bottle.

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