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Automatic Filling  Sealing Machine DP-1202A

Automatic Filling  Sealing Machine  DP-1202A

Cosmetic, Jam, Jelly, Flavor Drink, Coffee, Yogurt, Water, Honey, Sauce, Juice, and Dairy Product… Etc.
Constructed Of Stainless Steel To Meet Sanitation Standard With Anodized Aluminum Alloy Molds.
Individual Temperature Control For Each Mold Ensures The Sealing Quality.
Controlled By PLC.
Variable Speed Adjustment Via Speed Controller Arrange With Inverter.
Custom-Made Filling System To Meet Different Purpose.
CE Certificated.

Type Lane Capacity Pneumatic Parts Power Supply Machine Size
In-Line 2 2,400 Pcs/Hour ISO Applied Custom-Made 3,000 x 700 x 1,800 mm
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